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Triple S, Inc. has been remanufacturing heavy duty transmissions and differentials since 1991. Over the years and with three expansions, Triple S, Inc. has become a leader in the industry. Conquering everything from the design and engineering of special material handling racks to accommodate the changing specs of the differentials for the City Transit systems to designing computer software for the accurate tracking of customer cores. In an industry that changes on a daily basis, the strong must be able to hold on to the performance and quality of the past, yet be able to produce in the time frame that is required today. With a history of steady growth, the ability to meet an uncertain economy with solid business planning and a positive attitude, Triple S, Inc. is looking forward to providing quality units for the industry for many years to come.

Triple S, Inc. in its effort to be on the leading edge of transmission and differential remanufacturing industry is now offering an optional one-year, unconditional, unlimited mileage warranty. We know this new warranty will save our customers time, money and will eliminate some of the expense of driver related failures. Visit our website to learn more!

Triple S. Inc
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